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Webogia, a network of connected digital services to provide a total solution for online marketing needs...

Webogia helps your business to expand, to flourish on the online market, where your investment is lower and revenue is higher. We provide solutions for online branding. Our team satisfy you with our logo design concepts, brochure designs and all your graphic design needs. Web design team is ready to deploy a unique theme website quickly for your business. We are experts in building complex web applications according to your custom requirements on timely manner.

Websites and Web applications will be using latest technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript Frameworks. For better usability and attractiveness on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets, we can go for Responsive Designs and One Page designs.

CMS (Content Management Systems) like Zsenda Press, based on Wordpress, is powerful enough for the easy management of your periodic updates to the websites. Webogia's CMSs' provide higher Search Engine Optimization for your websites for the future, Web 3.0, Semantic Web.

About Webogia SEO, Search Engine Optimization for the Websites and Web applications with the inclusion of Semantic Schema, Rich Data Formats, Micro Data, Back linking, White Hat SEO Methods, Validated Syntax, Keyword Optimizations, Content Orientation will boost your brand up and reaches on top of  Search Engine Results.

We deliver your business updates, interact with people on behalf of you and increase your market reach, increase your brand value. Implementing Professional Social Media strategies for Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Google + Marketing is the easiest way to analytically monitor people's involvement on your brands.

Mobile Solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone are on the demanding side of business. Webogia can suggest you on your business requirement and help you on the iPhone development, Android Development and Windows Application Development. Thus come out with best and Super smooth compatible Mobile Applications.

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Webogia Services are always available to online global customers. Iterative analysis of the requirements provide you the best effort business plan for digital marketing. We have monthly and yearly pre structured plans for you if you want quick start online marketing. Developing strategies and applications with Agile methodologies help to timely monitor the implementation.
    [service_item title="BRANDING" img=""] Your dream is our reality. Get branded in the online world, Whether its General Public, Investor, or Customer we help you build a unique and themy concept for your brand and make you stand out of competition. [/service_item] [service_item title="WEB PRESENCE" img=""] Wow you got a brand, Its time to speak out loud!!! , the cheapest and most efficient way to spread your brand, is ofcourse the website. once we create a website for you, which will be so pretty and attractive, people from whole planet can reach to your products and services very easily with one mouse click. [/service_item] [service_item title="MOBILE & SOCIAL APPS" img=""] The Mobile Market has seen explosive growth over the years and applications for mobile platforms have became one of the necessities like building for a business. Webogia can create platform independent mobile apps for your brand. Whether its iPhone, Android or Blackberry, our applications works better on your clients' gadgets. Mobile apps are the fastest way to get feedback of your business and target local market with offers. [/service_item]
    [service_item title="SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION" img=""] Once you have created a website/web application or online marketing content, its crucial for your brand to come on user searches. Webogia helps you to show up your brand on top of customers' search results. We do daily maintances, interactions, updates to improve your page ranks and make sure your brand maintains top on search engine results. [/service_item] [service_item title="SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION" img=""] The social media is here. Exponential increase in people joining to social media has created much cost effective and wider, interactive marketing opertunities for your business. One to One feedbacks, direct client interaction, viral campaigning etc can push your brand directly to the consumer minds. Faster reach to local as well as international regions with lesser efforts and cheaper investments is making social media an un avoidable medium [/service_item]

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